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Uzinemusic from 1991 to 1995: the pre-digital years

uzinemusic from 1991 to 1995: the pre-digital years

© Aline Giordano

Aline Giordano, co-editor of Uzinemusic, recalls exciting years of amateur music journalism with 'Le fanzine Uzine':

It all started in 1991, in Caen, France. We were a bunch of students sharing a common passion with those who made music, those who listened to it and those who tried to make things happen in a conservative medium-sized town. One day, we had the idea to create a music fanzine that would review music and publish interviews with bands that we liked. And so the adventure started...

'Le fanzine Uzine' was born in December 1991. The primary aim of Uzine was to publish interviews with bands that we loved. Some of these bands were local, some had reached international status and others would not get the coverage they deserved because the music press had decided otherwise. Uzine was a fanzine made by music lovers for music lovers.

Within a few months we were interviewing Killing Joke, Tuxedomoon's Blaine L. Reininger and Steven Brown, UK Subs and Echo and the Bunnymen. For our fourth issue we managed to get a press pass for Les Transmusicales in Rennes (France) where we interviewed Bob Mould, Nirvana, and Sonic Youth. By then our reputation and integrity got us access to bands we would not have dreamt to even get close to. We interviewed Dave Grohl from Nirvana again, Justin Sullivan from New Model Army, Paw, Courtney Love, Therapy?, Blind Melon, The Young Gods, Tool, Pitch Shifter, The Jesus Lizard, Ice T and Fugazi.

We never made money out of Uzine as this was not our objective. We survived thanks to various government and private subsidies. That's probably why it worked so well.

Le fanzine Uzine was officially deceased when its two editors moved to Southampton, England, in October 1994. In 2005 I decided to resurrect Uzine online.

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