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Shearwater - Brighton - The Haunt - 30 March 2012

Shearwater - Brighton - The Haunt - 30 March 2012

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The promoters One Inch Badge brought Shearwater back to Brighton for their Animal Joy tour. As I explained to Danny (drummer), after the show, I fell in love with the new Shearwater sound when I heard ‘Dread Sovereign’ played by the new line-up for a US radio session just after the release of the album. I unashamedly mentioned to Danny that the drumming during that performance reminded me of the stripped down rhythmic that characterises the album 17 Seconds by The Cure. Danny seemed very pleased with this compliment. We both agreed. It is not easy to fill in for Thor whose power and personality always shine onstage. The new line-up works very well. Don’t expect a banjo, glockenspiel, upright bass, trumpet or home-made percussion on this tour. This is Shearwater back to more traditional ‘rock’ arrangements. The more aggressive sound suits very well the new songs such as Star of the Age, Dread Sovereign, Breaking the Yearlings, and (my favourite) You As You Were. It also compliments the old favourites such as Snow Leopard and Castaways, even if Rooks sounded a little flat on the night, although I think this was due to the sound quality where I was (by the stage monitors) rather than the performance itself. The encore was superb. Nobody was evocatively poignant and White Waves majestic. The set closed with an REM cover of These Days. Simply brilliant!.

I've interviewed Jonathan Meiburg. The article will be posted on Uzinemusic when it is ready (hopefully) soon.

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