aline giordano

Arles - 3-4 July 2012

Arles - 3-4 July 2012

© Aline Giordano 2012

Having a few photos exhibited at Gallerie Huit as part of the Open Photographic Salon curated by photographer Vanja Karas, during the international photographic 'Rencontres d'Arles', in Southern France, I spent two days in Arles going to various exhibitions. Everybody, it seemed, was taking photos. Everybody, it seemed, wanting their photos taken, even the odd cat posed for me!

I wish to thank the Faculty of the Creative Industries of Southampton Solent University for supporting me financially to make this trip to beautiful and sunny Provence.

The Open Photographic Salon finalists' photographs are exhibited at Gallerie Huit, located 8 Rue de la Calade in Arles, France.

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